About Bringo Fresh

The Bringo Story

Bringo fresh starts in Uganda, at a food market filled with fruits and vegetables that were poorly handled and in filthy conditions. It got our founder thinking about why customers were paying high prices for poor quality produce and what happens to all the fresh produce that doesn’t reach the markets.
He was shocked to find out that it got wasted. Over 30% of fresh produce in Uganda is wasted before leaving the farm. This results into scarcity and increasing food prices.
Determined to end food wastage and put a smile on the face of small-holder farmers, he visited the farms, talked to farmers and came up with the idea of Bringo.
Since then, we have gone from just a handful of customers and suppliers and packing our fresh produce boxes in a small room every Saturday morning to delivering four days a week.

What We Believe In

We believe in the power of fresh organic produce to ensure healthy lifestyles. We source all our produce directly from farms, a reason why we visit our small holder farmers regularly to ensure best practice in production.
We go further to know when and how they harvest and transport the produce to ensure it’s quality and freshness. We wake up every morning to transform the shopping of fresh produce into a hassle free experience by delivering carefully selected boxes of fresh produce to your doorstep.

Community Outreach

At Bringo Fresh community engagement is part of our business activities to educate the different communities about the importance of eating healthy organic foods to ensure a healthy lifestyle.
Whether it’s donating food to local charities finding other ways to support fundraising for a cause or collecting donations from our generous customers.