More Fruits & Veggies to better your health.

For varying reasons, more and more Ugandans [the enlightened ones] are making it a point to have more servings of fruits and vegetables on their daily food menus. Typically the servings are after a meal, during a meal or as breakfast in the morning.

Peter Nangosya, a Banker in Kampala’s busy Kikuubo area, says he is inclined to fruits and veggies because of their natural taste and because, by all accounts, they are good for mental health.

“With fruits and veggies, I know my mental health will remain up to the mark. You know I really believe an apple a day can keep a doctor away. I usually have broccoli, pawpaws and watermelon for dinner and 2 apples and an orange for breakfast,” Nangosya opines.

Well, if you are a fruits and veggies aficionado like Nangosya is, and you are resident of Kampala and Entebbe, it is time to rub your hands in glee because a reliable fresh veggies and fruits supplier has taken root and is ready to serve you at a moment’s notice at your workplace or home, whichever you prefer. The fine and dandy guys at BRINGO FRESH are at your beck and call, on a day in, day out basis, ready to serve you with fresh fruit and vegetable tidbits.

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