Farmer Stories

We always seek to generate positive impact in the lives of smallholder farmers and farmer stories is the only way to know if we are heading in the right direction.

Murefu's story

Murefu lives in the village of Buyanja in Rukungiri, Uganda. As his land became more degraded, he found it harder to get enough food and money to provide for her family. But two years ago, Murefu joined Bringo Fresh. With help from tools and training provided through Bringo Fresh, he learnt how to gain more yields

Through the Bringo Fresh, our eyes are now open. I know that by using the right farming methods, I can increase the yields using a small piece of land well to get more income.

Moses, Mukono, Uganda

From a sustainability perspective, By purchasing organic, consumers can invest in farms rather than chemical companies. Yes, growing organically is slightly more expensive up-front but I think that we’ll be able to have better yields in the long-run.

Kabata, Rukungiri, Uganda