Medium Veggie Box


The Medium Veggie Box contains;

1/2 kg of Egg plants | 1/2 kg of Tomatoes | 1/2 kg of Onions | 3 cloves of garlic | 4 Bell Green Pepper Pieces | 4 Sweet Potatoes pieces | 1 Bundle of Bugga | 1 Bundle of Dodo | 1 Bundle of Nakati | 1 Spinach Bundle | 1 Bundle of Leeks | 1 Cabbage Piece | 1Kg of Fresh Beans | 1/2Kg of French Beans | 4 Carrots

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The Medium Veggie Box is an array of organic delights to feed your veggie cravings. Vegetarians, this box is calling to you. And for those who make the most of their veggie meals, get plenty of greenie and familiar things to make big meals and delicious sides.

Just a few small and very simple changes to make you eat better, feel better, and create an overall new sense of well-being.

Weight 6 kg


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